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We take babies from six months of age and our aim is to provide the reassurance, security and stimulation that they need to develop their senses and reach developmental milestones.

Our dedicated baby area provides a ‘home from home’ bright and cosy atmosphere for children to start their nursery experience in.

The main play area is equipped with stimulating and sensory toys providing holistic development throughout. We have a sleeping room housed with cots where babies can rest in a calm and peaceful environment and a separate physical room that allows crawlers and walkers to safely develop their physical skills. There is also a nappy changing area where we can attend to your child’s needs in a caring and dignified manner without leaving the room.

Our babies have their own covered outside area and we provide age appropriate full length waterproofs ensuring that they experience the outdoors every day whatever the weather!

Learning and Development

As your baby develops, they will be introduced to new experiences and further stimulation relevant to their developmental age and stage. Daily activities are planned by the dedicated and experienced baby room staff to incorporate all areas of learning. We ensure each child’s development is expanded and different experiences provided, including a lot of messy and sensory exploration.

The Baby Room Leader is the assigned Key Worker and has responsibility for maintaining a record of developmental observations for your child. These observations provide the basis for the planning of the activities and ensuring all children’s developmental ‘next steps’ are catered for. Observations and photographs are uploaded to Tapestry, our online learning journal (each child’s account is private), providing you with an insight into nursery throughout the week.

We aim to work closely with you and your child in order to keep any routines and provide support as new ones develop. We maintain positive daily communication between home and nursery. As your baby develops and grows older they are supported with the transition into the ‘toddler room’ to make it a positive experience for all concerned.

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