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When your child reaches the age of 2, they join the main nursery in the Toddler section. Our aim is to encourage independence and to stimulate intellectual and emotional development.
Children will have opportunities for settling in sessions to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care. The experienced staff remain focused on the care and relationships that are vital to a young child, whilst at the same time gently encouraging independence.
Our main room is open plan to promote independence, curiosity and imagination. Each day the children will have a choice of both free play and adult-initiated activities that have been planned ensuring all children’s developmental ‘next steps’ are catered for.
The room is organised into areas of interest that include: mark-making, drawing and writing, a creative space for art-based activities including junk modelling, a construction and small-world area, a soft quiet area for looking at books and a role-play area for imagination.  Messy activities such as sand, water and playdough are continually accessible with additional messy activities provided throughout the term. We ensure that staff support the children with cooking activities as often as they can.
The children are encouraged to use the outside space. With the provision of full length waterproofs we ensure they experience the outdoors every day, whatever the weather! We have trikes, balance and peddle bikes and our ‘builders site’ role play area provides great fun for making all sorts from ‘homemade cement’ to ‘mud pies’!
Our dedicated toddler changing room allows staff to attend to your child safely and securely. We will begin to support your child in becoming independent in this area when they are ready to do so.

Learning and Development

The Toddler Room Leader is the assigned Key Worker and has responsibility for maintaining a record of developmental observations for your child.  These observations provide the basis for the planning of the activities and ensuring all children’s developmental ‘next steps’ are catered for. Observations and photographs are uploaded to Tapestry, our online learning journal (each child’s account is private) providing you with an insight into nursery throughout the week.

We will work closely with you to ensure the best possible care for your child.

As your child develops and grows older they are supported with the transition into ‘pre-school’ in order for them to undertake their final year at nursery before they move onto Primary school.

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