Doodle Bugs Nursery is a Trustee-led organisation. The role of a Trustee is to provide strategic leadership and support to the management team. Our trustees are local volunteers who bring a range of skillsets to assist with the running of the nursery.

If you'd like to know more or enquire about becoming a trustee yourself. Please get in touch at


Catherine Mawston

Chair of the Board

Catherine Mawston is a recently retired Headteacher with extensive experience in independent and state schools and in the education and training of adults as an Officer in the RAF.
The Chair of the Board is responsible for ensuring that the Nursery operates in a safe manner and for the strategic decisions, after discussion with other Trustees, that ensure the efficient running of the Nursery and that the Trustees carry out their duties efficiently.


Robin Dean

Company Secretary

Robin Dean has a wide range of experience in running a variety of businesses, including other local charities. He is, amongst many other activities, the Churchwarden of St Mary’s Stanford and Secretary of Teme Valley South Parochial Church Council. He has considerable knowledge about IT from his background as an IT project manager in prestigious organisations and as a lecturer in a college. He, also, runs the Silver Surfer Support to help local people with IT problems and hopes to return as the IT Champion at Tenbury Library in due course.
The Company Secretary is responsible for the financial operation of the Nursery with the assistance of a paid book keeper. Additionally, Robin advises on IT hardware and management software


Valarie Pardy

Trustee with Responsibility for Educational Support

Valerie Pardy is a retired Educational Psychologist whose professional experience involved regular work with children of all ages, the professional development of teachers and the application of psychology to promote the understanding of children’s emotional developmental needs in education.
Through regular consultations with the Nursery’s Management Team she is able to advise about curriculum development, the educational development of the children of nursery age, children with special educational needs and the general wellbeing of staff and children.


Cecilia Dean

Trustee with Responsibility for Safeguarding

Cecilia Dean is currently Head of Science and a Maths teacher at a local Prep school. Previously, she has worked in Abu Dhabi in a senior management role and as a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.
As the Safeguarding Trustee, Cecilia will ensure that policies are fully implemented and up to date. In the event of a safeguarding concern, the safeguarding trustee will work with the Designated Safeguarding Leads.



Parent Trustee

Ross grew up in the Lake District and joined the Army at 17 specialising in IT and communications. He served around the world including Iraq, Africa, The Middle East and completed 3 tours of Afghanistan. After 14 years of service, Ross left the military to start a family with his wife Jen. Soon after having a little girl they moved to the village of Clifton to raise their daughter who also attends Doodle Bugs nursery and thoroughly enjoys it. 

They have since had another little girl who, in time, will join her sister at Doodle Bugs. 

He now runs his own company, providing specialist support to the MOD with a focus on Naval operations. As well as spending time with his family and 2 dogs, he enjoys travelling, eating out, golf, mountain biking and ticking off his numerous DIY tasks.

He is also an Army reservist, specialising in offensive and defensive cyber ops.

Ross brings with him his IT skills, business acumen, an unparalleled life experience and, mostly, his voice as a parent.